Becoming Teachers Pet

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Becoming Teachers Pet

This is my story about how I made the grade with my High School /teacher/">teacher. I have been the horniest guy around since I got into High School and I can never seem to get a break! I have never been a /bad/">bad looking kid; about 6'3, 160lbs, lean, blue eyes, blonde hair. And I have always been the funniest friend anyone could ask for, always at parties, always having a good time. But girls bokep sma pecah perawan never have seemed to even hold interest in me. So I have been forced to masturbate uncontrollably for the past four years. Even worse I may graduate a virgin! 

My latest /fantasy/">fantasy has been about my History teacher, Miss Smith. I mean, shes at least 5'7, long, smooth legs, and the perkiest old waman xxxgx set of tits I have ever seen! She even wears short skirts that I have been aching to see her bush under. And while me and a classroom full of testosterone lusted after the blonde, buxom 25 year old, I knew she had to be the one fantasy that becomes a /reality/">reality.

I started my mission by staying after almost everyday to help clean, and make sure any chores she need were done. Then I made sure to be the best student she had ever had. I even went as far as resting my hand on her upper thigh when she was explaining assignments to me. She mearly smiled and continued. I must have jerked off 10 times a day to imagining fucking her cunt, mouth, /ass/tit-ass/ass-and-tits/">ass and tits.

Finally, when Valentine's Day rolled around, Miss Smith seemed a little down so I asked:

"Why are you so down in the face Miss Smith, it's Valentine's Day!"

She looked up and replied:

"Oh I know. But this year I'm all alone and it appears theres no Valentine for me."

With this, I got a little brave and rested my hands on her shoulders and said:

"Well actually you do! You see, I have wanted you to be my Valentine since we met, and I would love you to say yes!"

She simply laughed:

"Thank you. That's the cutest thing I have heard in a long time! Why if you weren't a kid you woulddefinitely get...uh, a Valentine."

Miss Smith blushed at almost slipping a sexual innuendo when I blurted:

"Well thats the thing! I'm not a kid. I'm eighteen! And to be honest, I have wanted to fuck you since I seen you! I mean, why else would I be hanging around all the time if I didn't like you?!"

After the shock wore off, she offered gently:

"Well I appreciate your honesty, but you are just a boy and theres always going to be girls your age who..."

Surprisingly aroused and not carring anymore I pulled my dick out in front of her and yelled:

"Well hows this for just a boy huh? Yeah, happy fucking Valentine's Day Miss Smith! Heres your fucking present!"

All 10 inches of my horny youth stood out and pulsated, inches from Miss Smith. Sensing how uncomfortable the momment was, and now overwhelmed with embarrassment, Miss Smith stood and appeared to be leaving the room.

All of the sudden she locks the door to her class and says:

"Alright! You win! But you had better fuck me better than any other cock I've had or you definatly won't be making the grade and graduating this year!"

With that she kissed me, for what seemed like hours, and slowly stroked my shaft. Then she got on her knees and licked my dick:

"God, this is actually the biggest cock I have ever seen! You must be proud. Now lets have a taste...MMM...Oh yeah baby, you like that...MMM HMM..."

It was the best feeling ever! I was barely able to contain myself when I cried:

"Oh Miss Smith...Yes, keep sucking you fucking whore...Oh God, I'm Gonna' Cummmm...Oh Oh Ah...SWALLOW IT!"

With that I unloaded the biggest load of cum ever. It splashed on her face, work clothes and mouth. She licked and swallowed every bit of it.

"MMM Baby, you taste so great, but now you have to eat my /good/pussy-good/">pussy good! Oh, and the name is Jennifer honey."

I ripped away her top and dress to reveal a pair of lacy bra and thong and thigh-high pantyhose. She undid her top and let her huge milky breast fall out, the nipples already hard. I then got on my knees and dove face first into her bald pussy lips.

"Oh Baby Yes. Eat teacher cunt rotten, oh yeah!...Uh Uh MMM...Thats it! Lick my fucking clit you bastard! Oh God...Ohhh, Ahhhh....Yes, Im Cumming, Oh God Yes Suck It!"

She came what seemed like forever and I nursed every drop of girl gush into my mouth. Panting like animals, my cock wanted more! I told her that her /ass/big-ass/">big ass needed to get plugged and bent her over her desk plunging my hard member deep in her cum lubed /asshole/">asshole.

"Ohhhh, I have never been fucked in the ass before! Ow, oh God, stop!....Pl..eease...Sto...Uh, Oh, Oh Oh Yeah Baby harder!"

I yelped, "Jenny likes my cock in her shithole huh?!"

"You sick fuck, cram it in my ass, faster!....Yes, I feel your cum about to burst fuck my pussy now God damnit!"

I instanly whipped her around and fucked her pussy as fast as I could. She moaned so loud the walls shook and her orgasm gripped my cock to explosion.

"I'm coming you /bitch/fucking-bitch/">fucking bitch! Oh your pussy is sucking me dry"

Without a word I unleashed my load into her womb as she lolled her eyes back into her head as we came in unison. I rolled off her and we both got dressed slowly. I walked her to her car and she said that tomorrow was the weekend and I should have a good time.

With that she drove off and I graduated two weeks later, a Man finally.