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It wall started the day my and I moved into her families home a few years after we were married.

jane and i had started to renovate our home when it was decided we move in to her parents house because the mess was just to much for us to live in. When we arrived, my Mother In Law [ MIL ] showed us to the bedroom right next to hers, which she said we could use as long as we needed to stay

As I worked mostly from home [ i am a future strader ] i noticed every day funny happenings with my MIL - she would walk around in loose clothes, she would rub up against me accidently or make rather suggestive remarks - all off course when her , my wife Jane was at work
it was one morning, jane had gone off to work, and I had been out for a run - i liked to keep myself trim - when it all happened. I had come into the house through the kitchen where she was eatig her breakfast. i was rather sweaty and when she saw me she suddenly untied her dressing gown to expose her nighty which was rathe see through - but i pretended not to notice. After some quick conversation i said i should shower as i had an appointment later that morning

I was in the shower, enjoying the hot water running over my body, and for some reason felt real forced anal against her will my manhood start to grow. i dont know why but i decided to relieve myself and started stroking my now throbbing cock as the warm water cascaded over it - when all of a sudden the showe door opened and there was my MIL, looking at me with her mouth now wide open as she saw the 9" in my hand.
Without even removing her nighty she entered the shower, dropped to her knees and took my huge organ in her hands and as the water cascaded over her, she wrapped hermouth around my huge member and started to xnxxv sunny leone video suck me. It was then i knew where her daughter, my wife, must have learnt her method, because the MIL was fanatstic.

Within 5 minutes i was pumping my juice into her mouth
Her mouth couldnet get enough of my cum as she kept sucking me long and hard until again i exploded and poured cum into her

i drgged her out of the shower and tore her now wet nighty of her body and started to suck on her magnificent which made her shudder and explode within minutes but all she kept saying was = PLEASE FUCK ME PUT THAT IN ME - PLEASE

Although wet - we wnt to her bedroom, and as she spread her legs for me i entered her and started to ram her harder and harder as she pleaded with mt - - FUCK ME MORE - wehich i did

She orgasmed 3 times before she pleaded with me to stop - but i didnt because it turned me on to know i was fucking the mother of my wife - and that now i knew where she had learnt to satisfy me as did my MIL - BUT - what we didnt know was that my wife, her daughter had come home early - but thats ofr the next story