Part 2 Coupling takes place

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Part 2 Coupling takes place

From my position kneeling before Ade, I saw Ruth turn towards him as he stood there legs apart looking like a colossus. I felt him push my head onto his gigantic /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock, as my mouth slid over the hot velvety head, I could taste the wild animal smell & of his seeping pre-cum. From my position I could see up Ruths mini skirt and saw her shaven cunt split by just a thin black strip of nylon /thong/">thong. I saw his fingers lift her skirt and pull over the panties and slid 3 fingers knuckle deep into her very moist cunt.

As I looked up I could see them kissin, his thick black lips covering her mouth and could see her putting her tongue deep into his mouth and there tongues doing the dance of love. Ade said "Worship my /slut/cock-slut/">cock slut", Ruth fell to her knees beside me, her stockings showing where her mini skirt had been lifted to her waist,and she was topless, her nipples standing out proud.

As she eagerly took his cock from my mouth and sank hers over it swallowing 8" in one long sliding motion, her mouth stretching and throat contorting as she swallowed. We looked at each other , with me looking at this incredible mans cock disappearing down Ruths throat. Me with wonder and admiration for him and saw in Ruths face one of pure lust and love for her new"black /master/">master". Spittle and precum trickled from her mouth as she tried to get all 20" down her throat. He pulled her off and said "You done well you white slut now your reward".
We went into the bedroom, where we saw Moses sitting in a chair with Shona sucking his impressive 10" cock, I noticed Shona couldnt be more than 19 if that, and was easily swallowing his cock to the balls. Moses said "They are trained from a very young age to serve men in all ways" (this in answer to mjy incredulas stare). "Soon our white slut will be doing that to Ade".

"On the bed ready to recieve your master" said Ade. Ruth lay back on the bed with her very long nylon encased legs with her 8" heels pointing high and wideshowing her bald virgin cunt oozing her pre fuck moisture, Ade told me lick her cunt which I did, the sweetest taste of Ruths virgin cunt was like a nectar and made my head spin. Next Ades cock was by my face (i wwwxxx knew what I had to do and sucked and slobbered all over it preparing him for what was to happen.) Ade knelt between her wide the wwwxxx spread legs and pushed them farther apary stretching hes suspenders so they pulled her nylon stockings in a most sluttish manner. He rubbed the thick swollen head up and down her pouting cunt, and I saw the cunt lips twitch in expectation.

Ruths face was one of pleasure and expectation. "Please master fuck me please give it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I had seen him line up the cockhead to her cunt and thought she would never take half of what A