Wife sharing new

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Wife sharing new

I will start out light and if I get any comments I will continue.

To begin with I was a young guy that was in a broken home and we had very little money so I did odd jobs for people.

At 18 I had saved up and bought on old lawn mower and pushed it around looking for anyone that would hire me so I could buy my school clothes instead of having /mom/">mom buy my stuff out of a goodwill store.
I was lucky and met several couples that would help me out and one couple stands out more than others.

Jess and his wife Naomi were very nice and the summer when I turned 18 they put me to work helping dig a swimming pool for them and Jess and I would go out back as the guy running the back hoe worked then it was my job to get into the pit square out the sides.
I never saw him and Naomi argue at all and they were very close kissing and fondling each other openly in front of me and when Jess would get carried away Naomi would laugh and push him away saying not in front of Jim now be good.
They were both very affectionate and she would always hug me whenever I came around and Jess always remarked about a young man willing to work.

One day I was in the pit and Naomi came out with some lemonade and said get out and take a break Jim si her and I sat down in lawn chairs and she began asking me questions about what I wanted to do and what I thought about school.
For some time we talked like that and then she asked if I had a /girlfriend/">girlfriend and I admitted that I didn't because dating took money and she asked if I had ever had sex with anyone .
I was getting a little uncomfortable with this and she laughed slapping my knee and said it's OK, Jess and I have a pretty good thing going here if you want a blow job I will give you one. I like you.
I was tongue tied and afraid to answer because hell I don't know but it just was so odd.

I sat there my face a crimson color until she said in a very quiet voice OK Jim just sit still and this wont take but a moment as she stood and walked over to me cooing softly to quiet my nerves she said I like the taste of young boys cum so just sit back now and relax.
I was just in cut offs and no .t-shirt and Naomi said raise up so I can get these off and I did as she asked then she tossed my cut offs and shorts to one side.

She chuckled softly as she took my cock and said not /bad/">bad for a young guy stroking it an looking up at me smiling to calm me down and she said just relax and cum whenever you want as she opened her mouth and swallowed my cock head tracing circles around my cock head with her tongue.

I was terrified but this felt great as she began to bob her head up and down on my cock then my body was wracked with my orgasm as I started cumming and Naomi laughed delightedly as she gulped my cum swallowing noisily .
I was gasping like a fish out of water as she sucked me dry then she sat back on her heels and smiled up at me still stroking my cock that was quickly going soft.
She asked want to fuck me while Jess watches ?? he loves to watch me with other young guys.
I nodded my head dumbly and Naomi yelled it,s alright honey come on out he will do it.

Naomi looked back at me and said sorry but we didn't know if you would go for it so Jess watched full hd xvideo download from the window.
Jess came out and slapped me on the back and said free porn movies download you did good Jim I watched the whole ting and it looks like you liked it pretty good yourself.

Then he said hey don't get us wrong now this is quite common Naomi and I have been doing this for a long time and we get along just fine I just know that she can handle more sex than I can deliver and we are very much in love still.
Well Naomi was still playing with my cock so she stood and led me into the house with a firm grip on my manhood and her and I fucked on their bed.

I came again to quickly but Naomi just held me there until I /hard/cum-hard/">cum hard again then she rolled me onto my back as sat on top of me fingering her pussy until she came and she came a second time before I got off for my third shot.
Well we spent that summer screwing all over their house and I was paid the same as if I was working and in truth I did work until Naomi got horny again.

The next summer they hired another young guy and that was the end of our adventure.
I have always wanted a relation ship like that myself and finally now I do.