My first MMF time pt 2

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My first MMF time pt 2

I awoke the next morning to the smell of coffee so I opened the bedroom door and I saw her in the kitchen, I went into the kitchen and she greeted me with a cup of coffee and a long wet kiss,the only thing she had on was a very sheer pair of panties and her beautiful breasts were just jutting out at me, I took a sip of coffee admiring her tits, She slid her hand in my boxers and said; what did you think about last night? I said it was way beyond anything I had ever done before and I enjoyed it a lot! She wanted to know what I thought about giving head for the /first-time/">first time and I told her that I enjoyed it so much that I could do it again right now and I really liked licking her pussy.

She said it was her mans first time too, they have been talking about a threesome for a while and everything just kind of came together last night, we talked about it and we want you to stay for a while if you want to, I said I would love to but later on I need to get some more clothes from my house, she said o.k. and kissed me again. She said my man wakes up horny every morning, you want to help me make him cum again? I said yes and she took my hand and led me to their bedroom, we got under the sheet and our hands stroked his cock, his eyes opened and he grinned at both of us, It didnt take long and he was hard, she looked at me and I knew she wanted to watch me suck it so I leaned over and stroked it some more to watch the head pop out of the foreskin and then my mouth accepted his hardness, I licked and sucked on the head and then slid my mouth as far down as I could, I felt her hand on my penis which was rapidly swelling. I couldnt believe how good his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock felt in my mouth, she pulled me off of it just long enough to stick her tongue down my throat and then shoved my mouth back down on his cock and said make him cum good baby.

I stroked and sucked on it some more and I could feel it throbbing in my mouth, I pulled off of it and stroked it just so I could watch the head come out of that wonderful soft foreskin for a while and then I swirled the underside of my tongue around the head while I kept stroking it, I noticed a small amount of milky liquid on the head so I figured he was close to orgasm, I went back down on it and fouf strokes later his warm cum emptied out in my mouth, the first spurt hit the back of my throat again and I could feel the rest of it on my tongue with every throb of his cock, I swallowed it in small batches and it was a little salty and didnt taste /bad/">bad at all I dont know why so many /women/">women dont like to give head this is wonderful! After we were done with him the lady of milf porn videos the house led me back to the kitchen and she laid on the kitchen table and spread her legs and said lick my pussy! I said what about your man? she said its o.k. we agreed that you can have both of us any time you want it, I got really hot watching you suck him and now its my turn, I put the tip of my tongue in her already /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt and licked away, she put her hands on the back of my head and pulled my face into her with force, I was really enjoying the taste of her pussy, I had never tasted one like hers, it had a musky almost vanilla taste.

I put my hand under her legs and raised her up slightly and my tongue found her little back door, as soon as my tongue touched it she started making little wimpering noises, she said oh baby keep doing that and her finger found her clit, less than a minute later her orgasm was on my face and the table, she rested a couple minutes and then pulled my blowjob porn videos stiff dick into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, I had never got any on the kitchen table before and it was turning me on, between that and her /pussy/extreme-pussy/extremely-wet-pussy/">extremely wet pussy I couldnt hold it any longer, my penis started throbbing and shooting cum deep into her, I just held it in her until it got soft and slid out, she just laid there and I watched my /semen/">semen ooze out of her cunt and run down the crack of her ass onto the table.

When we were done we laid on the couch until he got up and we all took a shower together. It wasnt even 11.00 A.M. and we were all satisfied.