Lorri and Alex

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Lorri and Alex

She was an 18 year old high school senior. She was possessed of shoulder length raven hair, which she tended to wear in a a bun at the nape of her neck. She tried to keep it neat but the ends always ended uppopping out and curling around the sides of her face which her boyfriend, Alex, thought was quite attractive. He also admired her modest 34B breasts and hervoluptuous hips. In contrast to her dark hair she was a bit pale. In fact, Alex was also a bit pale. He, too, had darker hair, although his was dyed and hers was natural. He had gray eyes where she had haunting green ones. He was a swimmer and had a very sculpted body where she, in contrast, was a runner and had very strong, toned legs. 

On this particular night she was wearing a black pair of pants that were close fitting. A loose long-sleeved black shirt covered her white pajama tank top. She was also wearing herfavorite piece of jewelry, a tiny sapphire on a silver chain. Most people didnt even know it existed, even alex didnt know, yet.

For his part he was wearing loose black pajama pants and a black T-shirt with his favourite bands name on it. It was old and worn, very comfortable. 

The room in itself was only about 12 X 12. Its center piece was Alexs king-sizebed. The only other furniture was the dresser, the bedside table, and a bookcase whose shelf space was split between books and compact discs. Of course there was the television and the VCR that were perched on top of the dresser. All in all the room was quite nondescript.

It was a plain night, the couple always spent their weekends together. Tonight Lorri was sad and incapable of her usual witty conversation. She didnt even know why, she just knew that she needed Alex to hold her and he did. They were at his house watching movies on his bed with all the lights off. They had grabbed the throw off the edge and Alex was leaning against the wall. Lorri took her place lying on his lap while he stroked her hair. Midway through the first 
movie, the title is inconsequential, he noticed that her shoulders were trembling. He reached over, turned on the bedside lamp, and looked into her face. The tears glistened on her cheeks and she buried her head into his side so that he wouldnt see. She was usually pretty strong but tonight something seemed to have gotten into her. He hauled her up onto his lap so that she was sitting on him. He squeezed her and kissed her forehead. 

Lorri felt the almost-familiar butterflies in her stomach and moved her lips up to his. 
"Cmon Lorri, tell me whats wrong."
"Alex...its nothing, I promise."
Alex replied, "You know its something and even if you cant tell me at least admit that somethings wrong..."
"Alex! I dont want to talk about it."
Alex was a bit taken aback at this statement and said, "Well, Lorri, lets just get back to the movie ok."
A few minutes after she had laid back down he noticed that her body felt stiff. "You want a back massage Lorri?"
Lorri turned her head to look at Alex and replied, "Would you, please...".
"Lie on your front then." Lorri turned onto her front and placed her hands above her head. Alex positioned himself on her left side and began by rubbing her shoulders while she made little sounds of approval. Lorris sounds had always interested Alex, and more often than not sounded more than a slight bit sexual, especially her satisfied sound as she called it. 
"Can I take your shirt off?", he asked cautiously. She turned her head, gave him a look, and placed his hand on the hem of her shirt. He removed it gently and then saw that she had on another shirt. She had seen his look of expectation as he took off the first one and began to laugh. He looked at her and said, "That was incredibly mean you little wench." he said playfully, a little laughter in his own voice. 
"Oh I know," she laughed and then told him to close his eyes. After that she didnt say anything more. When he opened them next she was lying on her front without her shirt or bra. He noticed that both shirts had been neatly folded and placed on the floor along with her bra.
"So," she said as she looked through the hair framing her face, "are you going to continue with the massage?"

Alex, being only 17 and shy at that, had only ever seen a few other topless /women/">women and he didnt think that being snuck into a strip club with a fake ID counted for anything. He reached down and continued to massage her back as he moved down to her waist and then back up to her rib cage. His hands wondered of their own volition, or perhaps under the direction of the brain in his pants, to her front side. She looked up at him and shook her head. At that point she sat upright and crossed her hands alain lyle porn over her chest. Soon she had removed her own arms and recovered them with his. He felt around them for a while with their strawberries n cream nipples. Then Lorri said, "Now its your turn to let me see something..."
"Thats not fair", Alex said and blushed, "mine is more personal." He also didnt want to call attention to the fact that his second brain was standing at enthusiastic indian santali xvideo attention...
"Oh, no you dont, its perfectly fair, I only want to look...unless of course you want me to touch too...," she said with a bit of a smile. Alex blushed furiously. 
?Alex???, Lorri looked up at her love with her little half-smile and played with the top of his pants. Then little by little she began to roll them down and gently tug at the thin material. 

Alex finally replied with, ?Stop that Lorri.?, and began to laugh, ?At least let me take my shirt off first.? He then peeled off his tight, ratty t-shirt. 
?Now??, Lorri asks and looks at Alex with a look of fake pleading. Since Alex didn?t say anything, Lorri proceeded to wiggle Alex?s pants off of him. At this point Lorri had wrapped the throw rug around her breasts because they had gotten cold and was only wearing her bottoms and the wrap. On the other hand, her boyfriend was only in his blue boxers.