December Nights

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December Nights

Okay so its: Arizona, December 22nd, 2006, this was also a Friday. It was raining, pouring, the water seemed to fall faster and harder than in my memories. My pants Soaked, the line where the water was from the puddle jumping was nearly up to my knees. Brendan had gone upstairs after a long day of nothing. Complaining constantly how long and hard his day was. He muttered something about taking a bath, to relax his over worked muscles. I scuffled through the door, right after him, shivering. Shaking I took off my coat, pulled out my cigarettes and lighter.

I had noticed a strange white truck in front of the house, earlier in the day. Shaking it off i walked into the kitchen to turn on the red tea kettle. It happened to be still luke warm from my previous use about 3 Hours before. I turned to walk out of the kitchen, leaving the light on in the kitchen, so I didnt walk onto a puppy. Dragging an 5 extra pounds of pants through the living room, I went on a search to find the remote for the television, that had been left blasting as loud as it could go. Not really paying attention to my surroundings, i noticed the outline of a man coming down the stairs. 65" about 220 pounds of shadow. Not being as frightened as i should be, he was staring at me as he paused about 4 steps from the bottom. He looked familiar. Not taking my eyes off of him I turned on the living room light. Theres nothing like recognizing a pair of ocean blue eyes, that were staring straight at me. He Recognized me and lit up, breaking into a smile.

I thought to myself, who is this man? Not physically able to bring myself to break eye contact, i needed a distraction. Almost instantly I heard the kettle start to whistle. I turned, quickly, on my heel and proceeded briskly toward the kitchen. Following me he, stood in the door way watching my every move. Not even blinking as he watched me as I poured the boiling water into my green, Alice in Wonderland coffee cup. The tea bag letting off a deep scent raspberry. I felt him walk up behind. Not paying any mind to the man behind me, I turned towards the sink. I dropped the small silver spoon onto the stainless steel, emitting a loud clink as it hit a tall water glass.

I walked around him, avoiding looking at him. He just stood there, waiting, not even moving. For about 15 seconds, he stood there in silence. I made my way to the first of 3 sets of stairs. Set 1, 1 step, step 2 and 3, I paused, silently, listening to him. He picked up my cup of tea and began walking through the living room. I took off running, silently, up the last 12 stairs. Nearly tripping on the 13th, I smiled as I heard him trailing behind me. I walked into the last room at the end of the hall, stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv after pressing my left ear lightly to the cold wood door of the bathroom. Hearing movement of the water in the tub, i knew it was okay to proceed. A voice in my head said to me "you know what to do."

I turned around as Seth was coming towards me. He was white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie carefully carrying my boiling hot cup of raspberry peach tea. I closed my eyes tilted my head back slightly and took in the deep scent of the tea and the /sweet/">sweet musky smell of him. I take the cup of tea from him looking up at him with a smile. I glided, trying not to let the tea dance out of the cup. I finally reached the into the bedroom, setting the cup of tea on top of a shelf to the right of the door. Seth followed me into the room, turning to face the door, he shut it slowly. Trying with all his might to keep it quiet the door screams. The door yelps as if it were telling on us. The lock of the door being turned quickly.

The first words were finally and slowly let out into the air "Seth, you do know who i am right?" He slowly came towards me, grabbing my left hand with his right. He kissed it lightly right above the knuckles. His eyes slowly moved up into mine as he began to speak, "Yes, I know exactally who you are. Im elated that I am looking into your beautiful green eyes again." He saw visions of their first meeting in his mind. At that time she was untouchable. He spend only a short 15 minutes alone with her one their first meeting. He loved me then as much as he did now. He leaned forward and grazed my lips with his lightly. I took a step back out of caution, my head slightly cocked to the left. I looked at him and spoke softly, "I er -- just came up here to change my pants. Theyre cold and soaked from the rain." He lowered his head slowly kicking "Ancient Egypt* under the bed. "I just thought maybe we could talk, its been over 3 years since I have seen you."

I walked to the other side of the bed, sank myself into the corner. I raised my left foot, sliding my black pump off my size 6 foot and tossing it on the pile of clothes. The worn opal blue hamper seemed to be over flowing with wash that needed to be done. Then the other shoe came off. I stood up, slowly, and started to unbutton my pants. He turned toward the door, with his head /hung/">hung low. Turning my head toward im I softly said, "I never said you had to leave" I let a slight smile graze my face as my head started whispering, "I hope you know what your doing." Seth walked towards me grabbing my hands, he pulled his tall slender body into mine. Planting a deep kiss onto my lips, he clutched the bottom of my faded black Avenged Sevenfold Band Tee. He moved the shirt up my back slowly. Feeling the kiss grow deeper, I let out a sigh.

His hands made first contact with my back, taking my shirt with him. His hands moved further and further up my back. Our kiss finally broke. The moment our lips broke contact his eyes caught mine as, the shirt was lifted over my head. The next few actions moved almost in slow motion. I pulled his shirt, a gray fitted muscle shirt, over his head. His hands again, grazed my bare back, this time leaving goose bumps tingling quickly across my body. My hands seemed to think for themselves reaching for his belt. Simultaneously his hands went for the clasp of my bra. It took a little under 3 seconds for the both of us to get the belt and bra off. With the black lace straps sliding down my arms, he pulled me slowly in for one last kiss. Starting to move down towards my neck, my fingertips grazed his skin softly as I moved towards the button on his pants.

His lips pulled away from mine slowly with an undetected urge to fall right back in. We both know this is what we want, what we need, what I have wanted for so long. I reached the button, pressing myself against him as our eyes met. He gave me a smirk as to silently let me know that the button was already out of the loop on the faded deep blue denim. His pants started to fall lower and lower, 3 inches. With that same grin he had given me many times before, he motioned me to move to the bed. My pants wet with rain and anticipation, he moved quickly toward the zipper. My zipper had already been undone from the attempt to change. He raised an eye brow and whispered, what sounded like, "sneaky little thing arent you." Nudging me to lay back he grabbed my black pin striped slacks and slowly moved them down my thighs. As they slid over my knees then my calves, only to reveal a sexy black Bridgette lace /thong/">thong.

His eye brows raised with a smirk, as he noticed my freshly shaved wedge hidden underneath the see-thru lace. He let his pants drop, revealing his boxers, they were black, all black with a little green clover near the bottom right hem. I could see his bulge pressing against the button of the exposure hole. I slid down off the bed onto the floor, on my knees in front of him, I wrapped my fingers underneath the elastic band of his boxers. I looked up at him as I slid them slowly down over his, ass. The band moved smoothly untill it hit a road block. His cock pulsing waiting to be released. Throbbing, his cock growing with the urge to feel me.

Finally getting his boxers off, throwing them on top of my shoes, I crawl into the bed underneath the red and gold blanket. Still covered by the black lace thong, he climbs under the blanket and on top of me. He straddled me, leaning forward, he kissed my forehead. Sitting up on his knees, he grabbed my thong and ripped them off, nonchalantly, tossing them aside and lowered himself down on to me. His face about 8 inches from mine, he asked he quietly, "are you sure you want this?" Looking up at him, my breath becoming deeper, I bit my bottom lip and nodded slowly. Kissing my forehead, he let out a deep breath. He smiled as he slowly guided himself into me. His hard wide shaft, slowly and painfully penetrated me. Inch by painful inch his 9 inch cock slid in with a bit of difficulty. As I squirmed around in pain, my body adjusting to his girth.

After a few minutes had passed, and a few deep kisses, my body had adjusted to him. He began to slowly move himself in and out. With long soft thrusts I could feel the curves of his cock, moving and pressing tightly against the tight pulsing walls of my wet, pink pussy. My small soft hands clutched his arms, fingers digging into him as my body pushed him out. My body exploded my warm wetness, covering his torso and the bed. Moaning loudly as my orgasm slowed, he slowly pushed his cum covered cock back into me. Looking into my eyes he smiled as his thrusts became quicker, deeper, harder. Movements quickened, breathing deeper, light moans escape from our lips. We hear the shower turn on, we look at each other, we knew there wasnt much time left, 15 minutes at the most. As his pace quickened again, I let out moan. Feeling even more vulnerable, I looked into those ocean blue eyes, I can feel him growing, as he grows closer to releasing in me.

My moans quicken, growing closer, again. Our moans slowly moving together into one steady long moan of pleasure. Groans escape from his lips and his eyes close, as his thrusts start slowing. Knowing hes going to cum, he opens his eyes and whispers, "are you ready?" knowing hes going to fill /pussy/tight-pussy/my-tight-pussy/">my tight pussy with his hot sticky cum. I feel as if im going to burst, so close, so fast. My heart pounding in my chest, nails dragging down his forearms. His eyes raging with passion, moans and the sounds of gasping fill the distance between his face and mine. I reach the point of no return, my hands grasp his back. I tighten, pulsing tighter and tighter around him, moans becoming loud. Knowing were too loud, he leans in to kiss me, quieting the loud moans that escaped. I feel his bulging cock twitch, feeling him explode inside of me. I start to orgasm, pulling his fresh hot load deeper inside my shaven wedge. Our chests press together as our climaxes slowly subside.

I feel his heart pounding as fast as mine. I hear his panting slowing in my ear. Grabbing my right hand in his left, he kisses it again, as he rolls over. Breathing becoming softer, heart rates lowering, he pulls me to him, my head on his shoulder. A sigh bellows from my lips, as the noise from the shower disappears. Seth looks at me, his eyes wide. I smile, wondering what hes freaking about. He sits up, the curve of his back exposed. I run my hand down his spine, Seth turns to look at me as the door opens...

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