Lonely Week Night

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Lonely Week Night

I was about 35 at this point. I was living alone and one Wednesday night (Hump Day)I went to the neighborhood dive of a tavern. There were a few people there. a couple of old guys at the end of the bar, a female bartender, a couple of couples in the back playing pool and a couple at a table.

This couple got my attention. The long haired guy was about my age or younger. His date was in her 60s. She looked every bit of it or more. Long straight nose, blue grey eyes, long salt and pepper hair and a /cute/">cute little body. She was like 5 8" tall. Since she was the only woman in my area, I watched as she kissed her young man. Watched how she touched him. I became aroused. It was after 10PM and the place was empty. I figured no action tonight and decided to just get drunk, and fantasize about fucking the old woman.

Right after I get my second beer, two women in their 50s walk in. They sit on the two stools next to me. The better looking of the two sat on the far stool and her friend sat next to me. She wasnt ugly, but she was no beauty either. She was short, about 5 feet tall and a good sized woman. After they ordered their wine, they call over to the old woman with the young guy. They knew each other. The old woman comes to them at the bar.

"Congratulations on your marriage!" they applauded her.

She then began telling them how wonderful it was to be with a younger man. How good it was in bed. This conversation going on next to me got me very worked up. I was horny and now hard as a rock. I began looking over the woman next to me. The more I looked her over, the more I decided I wanted her!

After their friend left, the two kept discussing the topic. The one next to me said, "Why not? My husband left me for a younger woman." I jumped into the middle of their conversation with, "It all sounds very exciting to me!"

I concentrated talking to and with the chunky woman next to me. About an hour later the other woman bids us goodnight and leaves the bar. The one stays next to me. Our discussion became more intimate. I slowly reached down and lightly placed my hand on her large thigh. Reaching down beyond the edge of her skirt and touching her bare leg. She did nothing in response, but she didnt stop me.

She was a little tense, but again, she didnt get up or slap my face, so I kept feeling her. Slowly inching my hand under her skirt. Lets see, shes about 56 years or so, short /fat/">fat woman whos husband left her and she most likely hadnt been fucked since her marriage ended. She was probably having issues with the age difference. sexxxx video ful hd Being picked up in public, what would people say?

I eventually xxx sex video download free com leaned into her and took her mouth with mine. As my tongue enjoyed her mouth, the tips of my fingers began /tickling/">tickling the bulge in her panties. I asked if shed give me a ride home, to her home. When we got in the car, we kissed some more. Now that we were alone, she was more responsive to my advances upon her. Next we were in her living room on the couch kissing. I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her /large/large-breast/">large breast from her bra. Her fingers ran through my long hair as I kissed, licked and sucked on her breast and made her nipples hard as I motor boated them with my tongue. I then went down on my knees and removed her boots and socks. I began kissing her feet and licking and sucking on her toes. I really wanted to get grandma very worked up! She began breathing heavier and making cooing sounds.

I then got up and took her with me to find her bed. I put her on the bed and I began removing her clothes. I wanted to slowly strip her, while teasing her as I go. Touching, kissing and licking her naked flesh. Then I stood, looking down at her, I undressed.

I again fell to my knees before her and began kissing her thick thighs. Kissing and licking my way to her pussy. Then I took her plump love lips with my lips and began licking and sucking on her. When I had her good and wet with lust, I pressed her legs apart and I mounted her. She threw her short fat legs in the air as I kept thrusting myself inside of her. I wanted to be the fuck of her life. I then turned her over on her hands and knees and I began kissing her ass. Kissing and then licking between her crack and eventually her /asshole/">asshole. Shoving my tongue inside her there. Tongue /ass/ass-fucking/fucking-her-ass/">fucking her ass!

I then stood and leaning over her, I took her dogie style. Slamming my hard cock into her wonderfully warm, /hole/wet-hole/">wet hole. She moaned loudly as we fucked like that. I wanted to cum inside her. I wanted her to know she was worth fucking. I was so happy to be fulfilling for her what a couple of hours ago was /fantasy/">fantasy. Being fucked by a man 21 years younger than she.

Looking down at her fat body kneeling before me, her face in her pillow and her ass high to allow me to give her my cock. I had to release my juices and I groaned as I exploded my /cum/thick-cum/">thick cum inside of her. I slept with her the entire night.